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PHOTO: Al Jefferson's gigantic $23,000 bed

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There's king size, there's NBA king size, and then there's Al Jefferson's bed.

via @MoWilliams

Above you see Al Jefferson's bed, and okay, it looks pretty basic.

Below you see a normal human in Al Jefferson's bed, annnnnd


HOLY SHIT. That's Jazz point guard Mo Williams sitting there, not some third grader. Mo Williams is 6'1, 195, and Al Jefferson's bed turns him into Darren Sproles. That bed could host a refugee camp and still have room to spare.

Per the Utah Spencer Hall, it's 10 feet by 12 feet--big enough to fit four six-foot-wide regulation NBA backboards, two average-sized grizzly bears, and a Mini Cooper. Not all at once, but that's a fun image to imagine regardless. Being a professional athlete would be the best.

The price tag? Again from Spencer Hall:


We can only assume that Big Al spent a lifetime scrunching into beds that were nowhere near big enough to fit his 6'9 frame, and always promised himself that if he ever made it to the NBA he'd never be scrunched again. So good for him, because he definitely succeeded on that front--although it's gotta be difficult to find sheets for that bed, and losing the remote in his comforter could probably lead to a weeks-long search. Maybe that's just the price of progress (in addition to the actual $23,000 price of progress).

Either way, thank you Mo Williams for bringing this to everyone's attention, and no, for the record, a $23,000 bed isn't as ridiculous as $1,800 for moisturizer or Joe Johnson's apocalypse truck, but it's in the conversation. And we're all just lucky to be having this important sports conversation. I love this game.

(Photos via @saltcityhoops, @mowilliams; HT to Trey Kerby and TBJ)