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Celtics player to Celtics broadcaster: Stop being such a homer

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One Celtics player is uncomfortable with being compared to an all-time great.

Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

A few weeks ago, in a game in Italy, new Boston Celtics announcer Brian Scalabrine followed in the footsteps of the great Tommy Heinsohn by comparing Jeff Green -- he of the career 12.8 PER -- to Los Angeles Lakers great James Worthy. There were a lot of people watching that game that were either amused or uncomfortable with that statement.

You can now add Jeff Green himself to that list. Via ESPN Boston:

"I've got a message for Scal: You have to ask the great James Worthy if I'm able to have that nickname of James Worthy, because that's a top 50 [player], one of the greatest players to ever play this game, and for me to be called that, it's an honor, but you have to ask his permission," said Green. "So Tweet it, call him, email, whatever you need to do, because I don't want to be called that without his permission."

Don't count on that one happening, Jeff. You think Heinsohn called Moses Malone to ask permission to invoke his name in the same sentence as Leon Powe's?