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NBA 3 on 3 Tournament Results -- Heat Advance to Finals

To the surprise of exactly no one, the Miami Heat emerged from the Eastern Conference to advance to the Finals of SB Nation's NBA 3 on 3 Tournament. The Heat, after all, won the real NBA title last year playing 5 on 5, and they did that with three dominant players and no much beyond those three. So how great would they be at 3 on 3?

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh did have their first close game of the entire tournament however. Playing against the East Leftovers team comprised of Brandon Jennings, Gerald Wallace and Roy Hibbert, the Heat were given a 75 percent chance of winning any given game by our panel of experts. As you know, once the odds are set, 10 sided dice are rolled to randomly determine the winner of each game according to the odds. Through three rounds and six games, the Heat had been both good and lucky, entering each game as a heavy favorite and never seeing a roll greater than 49 (big rolls equal upsets). Against the Leftovers, the first roll came up 44, continuing the trend and giving Miami Game 1. But the second roll was a 74 -- close but no cigar for the Leftovers, as a 76 or higher would have meant a Miami loss. Just for grins, I rolled the dice again to see what would have happened in a Game 3 and it came up 92 -- the Leftovers would have won Game 3 and advanced had a couple of judges given them just a game or two more in their predictions.

But no, it's the Heat moving on, and really, it wouldn't be right if if were anybody else. We'll find out tomorrow who their opponent will be in the Finals, whether we'll get the long-anticipated Heat-Lakers showdown or if the West Leftovers can pull off the upset the East Leftovers could not.

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