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Kobe Bryant decided against knee surgery in Germany

Bryant said on Tuesday he won't undergo the same procedure he had on his knee before the start of the 2011 season.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Kobe Bryant loved the Regenokine surgery he received in Germany last year, but decided the knee procedure wasn't necessary to repeat, ESPN reported on Tuesday.

Bryant headed to visit Dr. Peter Wehling, who developed a blood manipulation therapution technique, to have work done on his aging right knee. Bryant participated in the Olympics this summer, and Lakers trainer Gary Vitti said Bryant would visit Dr. Wehling over the summer.

But Bryant had a different story.

"No," Bryant said when asked if he visited Dr. Peter Wehling, the doctor responsible for the innovative blood manipulation technique, this past offseason. "I was a little busy."

Last season, Bryant averaged 38.5 minutes a game during his 17th season. He has logged close to 60,000 career minutes between the regular season and the playoffs. Bryant said all the extra work over the summer with the Olympics prepares him better for the grind of a NBA season.

Sometimes it's harder if you have the summer off and you get out of shape and it takes more toll on your body to actually get back into shape, as opposed to never really being out of shape and you just kind of pick right up and you're already at that level. So, it's already a little less strenuous.

Bryant also doesn't plan on hopping on a plane during the middle of the season, insisting that his knee will be fine.