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Where Metta World Peace and the Lakers meet the Stanley Cup

After the Lakers preseason loss to the Kings Sunday, Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace spent some time with the L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup in the hallway of the Staples Center. And suddenly we have a lockout solution.

via @ArashMarkazi

Hockey is still stuck in the middle of a bitter lockout, but after the Lakers preseason game Sunday night, a few of the players got a chance to see the Kings' Stanley Cup, making this the most exciting hockey news we've seen in months. Courtesy of ESPN's Arash Markazi, here's Dwight Howard doing Dwight Howard things:


Canadian hockey fan Steve Nash, on the other hand, refused to even look at it, let alone touch it like his teammates. As any hockey lover knows, that's bad luck.

But then, Metta World Peace does not care about your hockey superstitions, so here's video of him marveling at it for 60 seconds -- "So there's not multiple cups? That's amazing" -- and possibly becoming the first person to ever eat Almonds out of the Stanley Cup.

The most important lesson from all this? Well first of all, the Stanley Cup remains the coolest trophy in sports. But also, as hockey spirals deeper into lockout hell, it's clear that the best solution for the future would be to put Ron Artest/Metta World Peace on the Columbus Blue Jackets for a year and just see what happens.


He'll generate millions of blog posts, start 10,000 fights, Blue Jackets ratings will skyrocket, he'll broaden hockey's appeal more than any player since Russ Tyler, and BOOM hockey is saved. MAKE A DEAL, GARY BETTMAN.