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Stephen Jackson as The Joker and more from the Spurs' Halloween party

The Spurs had a Halloween party at a nightclub in San Antonio. Stephen Jackson dressed up like Heath Ledger's Joker. It was even more awesome than it sounds.

From Stephen Jackson's Instagram

So the Spurs got together for a Halloween party at a nightclub, presumably in San Antonio. The one and only Stephen Jackson documented it all on Instagram. Here's the mobbin' group shot.


1. Two Zorros, apparently: Manu Ginobili and Nando de Colo.

2. Two people I thought were Tommy The Green Power Ranger but are instead Kick-Ass.

3. A very convincing Tim Duncan.

4. Tony Parker wore an eyepatch to a nightclub! Jokes!

5. That Tim Duncan costume is distractingly good.

6. Two Jokers? Two Jokers.


Tiago Splitter, I don't think you a) can bring that into a club, even in Texas, and b) should be pointing that at STEPHEN JACKSON, even in jest.

Also: know that Captain Jack did the tongue out of his mouth thing in every single shot he posed for and posted. A true method actor. The next great Joker.

I can honestly admit I have never been to nor never will be to a party this trill. Go Spurs.