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Bonding in Beijing: A Miami Heat story

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How are the Miami Heat getting ready for their title defense?

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...Because it just wouldn't be basketball season if we weren't getting amazing stories from life with the Miami Heat. No #teambonding exercise from the Heat would surprise us at this point.

  • Dwyane Wade shut down the Louis Vuitton store for three hours Sunday as the team helped Udonis Haslem pick out luggage. #teambonding
  • Saturday the guys took a jet to Macao for "casino night" with Prince and Sean Penn . #teambonding
  • This weekend LeBron James surprised the team when he bought 10 Cigarette boats for an afternoon of racing on Biscayne Bay. #teambonding
  • This A.M. the guys gathered in a Four Seasons ballroom to watch Pat Riley eat a human heart. #teambonding
  • Shane Battier invited teammates to a Jimmy Buffet concert on Key West. Nobody showed up. #teambonding
  • Wade introduced the young guys to his Saudi Arabian art consultant this week. Josh Harrelson did not respond well. #teambonding
  • Chris Bosh enrolled the guys in a week of sommelier classes at the W hotel on South Beach. #teambonding #trainingcamp
  • The guys rented out the indoor ski slope in Dubai on their off day this week. #teambonding
  • None of the players ski, but they each took turns pushing Mario Chalmers down the hill. #teambonding
  • They laughed, and laughed, and laughed. #teambonding

And, of course, Team Pedicures.



Hahaha. 2 Girls!! It's great to have the Miami Heat back in our lives.