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Tim Duncan does not act like he's 36 years old

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The aging veteran looked 15 years younger in the first half against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Tim Duncan is 36 years old. He has played nearly 40,000 regular-season minutes and over 7,400 playoff minutes in his 16-year career. And yet, here he is, acting like he's 15 years younger in the first half of the San Antonio Spurs' game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

First, he stuffed Kevin Durant from behind on a fast-break dunk attempt in the first quarter.


On the one hand, this is more smart than athletic. Durant, ever the young grasshopper, held the ball out with his right hand. All Duncan had to do was poke it away. But ... well, Duncan also did this to Serge Ibaka near the end of the first half.


Consider: Duncan posterized Ibaka without getting a running start. He caught the pocket bounce pass, turned, took one step and embarrassed the best shot-blocker in the NBA. Are we sure Duncan isn't getting younger as the years pile up?