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Video: Lakers fans chant for Phil Jackson

If the Lakers held an election for next coach of the team, Phil Jackson would probably win.

Bernie Bickerstaff was busy coaching the L.A. Lakers to a blow-out win over the Golden State Warriors on Friday night in relief of fired Mike Brown. But the Lakers fans didn't appreciate Bernie's work enough to withhold breaking out a chant for Phil Jackson. The crowd put together a very loud "We want Phil!" chant as Kobe Bryant stepped to the free throw line in the third quarter, and I don't think they were calling for Phil Johnson (who actually would be a fine coach for this team).

I would say that it's a nice break for the STAPLES Center chant leaders, who are more frequently tasked with chanting for tacos.

It's pretty clear that Jackson is who everyone except the team's rivals wants the Lakers to hire. It seems remote that L.A. would allow Bickerstaff to coach the $100 million roster all season (despite his lengthy record of service in the league), but he could get at least another game if negotiations to bring Phil back or add another free agent coach (such as Mike D'Antoni or Jerry Sloan) take a bit. The Lakers next play at home on Sunday against the Sacramento Kings, who beat them three teams during preseason.