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Bomani & Jones: Who the Lakers should have hired

Because they're inconsiderate like that, the Lakers couldn't even wait for the release of the new "Bomani & Jones" before hiring Mike D'Antoni. They also didn't consider the possibility that, you know, a whole lot could still go wrong hiring a coach who has a lesser record than his predecessor.

That's great for us, because that means you still might want to hear some of our suggestions for the Lakers. Seeing how Phil Jackson turned them down, they may as well have taken the coaching search all the way out of the box. Hey, if you'll fire your head coach after five games, how much crazier would it be to hire an explorer? Maybe a music producer? Or maybe the guy behind the Lakers' Princeton offense ... who somehow hasn't been fired yet?

We've got all the bases covered. And that's a good thing, because there's a good chance the Lakers may be looking for another coach in the not-too-distant future.