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Andrew Bynum injury: 76ers' C says plan all along was to return in January

The news that Andrew Bynum would not return to the court until late December or early January following a knee injury in September has been characterized as a setback for the Philadelphia 76ers' star. However, if you ask Bynum himself, this was the plan all along. Via CSN Philly:

"It's not a setback. It really was the original plan," Bynum said. "I was talking to my doctor and he said it would take eight to 12 weeks. That's a few months' time. I'm feeling better every day, and we took an MRI on Nov. 5 and it showed that the bone bruise is getting better."

The 76ers have been purposely open-ended with Bynum's recovery in recent weeks, but they did initially say that he would return on October 24 if everything went right. Clearly, not everything has gone right for Bynum since then, so it's odd for Bynum to suggest that 8-12 weeks was the "original plan." Perhaps it was the original plan once it became clear that Bynum would not make that October 24 date.

Bynum had a knee procedure in September and has not returned to the court since. He had what was described as a "routine" injection in October to help facilitate a return, but it has not worked quite as planned.