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Andrew Bynum confirms he injured knee while bowling

Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum confirmed to the media that he hurt his knee while bowling.


Already expected to be sidelined until January, Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum confirmed to Brian Windhorst of on Sunday that he may have done more damage to his knees while bowling recently.

The veteran big man does not have anything in his contract that would prohibit him from bowling during the season, but told Windhorst that his left knee began to swell after one of his usual trips to the bowling alley earlier in the month. Bynum's right knee developed a serious bone bruise before the season and has effectively delayed his debut in a Philadelphia uniform, but now his timetable becomes even more hazy with a brand new issue in his other knee.

Philadelphia has already pushed back Bynum's return date a handful of times, and it's certainly not promising for him to develop significant swelling in both knees at this point in the season. The Sixers will undoubtedly tell Bynum to keep his leisure activities to the minimum until he actually returns to the court, but it's difficult to say how much this bowling injury will affect his recovery: