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Kyrie Irving injury: Cavs star will miss 4 week with fractured finger

The Cleveland Cavaliers guard injured his left hand Saturday night against the Dallas Mavericks and is estimated to miss close to a month.


Kyrie Irving will miss four weeks with a non-displaced fracture in his left index finger, the Cleveland Cavaliers announced on Monday.

Irving suffered the injury in the third quarter of Saturday night's game against the Dallas Mavericks. He received an MRI and CT Scan of his finger at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health to reveal the break.

The team said the injury will be treated with taping and a splint, with rough estimates that Irving will miss the next month — although he is scheduled to be re-evaluated in two weeks.

Irving was in the midst of a fantastic season in his second year in the NBA. The guard is averaging 22.9 points and 5.6 assists per game with a PER rating of 20.1.

This is the second time Irving has injured one of his hands this year. In the offseason he broke his right hand after hitting a padded wall following a turnover. He underwent surgery in July to repair the break.