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Eric Gordon injury: Hornets' G will miss 4-6 weeks, no surgery required

Eric Gordon will reportedly not need surgery for his knee injury, though he will miss the first four to six weeks of the season.


New Orleans Hornets guard Eric Gordon will not require surgery, reports Yahoo's Marc J. Spears. The 23-year-old was ruled out indefinitely before the Hornets' season-opener, and surgery entered the discussion as a possibility after an MRI revealed damage to the knee.

Gordon sought an opinion from a knee specialist in Chicago, who told him that no surgery would be required and that additional rehabilitation would allow him to return in four to six weeks. This would mark the second year in a row that Gordon has opted not to have microfracture surgery. He missed all but nine games of the 2011-2012 season, but chose to have arthroscopic surgery over the more involved microfracture procedure.

Four to six weeks of recovery time could see Gordon return as soon as early December. The Hornets have a homestand to open the month that includes games against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers.

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