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Mike Brown fired by L.A. Lakers, and everyone reacts

A roundup of key reactions to Mike Brown's firing as the Los Angeles Lakers' head coach.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

The Los Angeles Lakers' decision to fire Mike Brown after just five games understandably sent the NBA world into a frenzy. Here's a wrap-up of some of our favorite reactions to the news.

First, as much as it seems like this was an overreaction, it's telling that so many close to the Lakers were ready for the change:

There were a few people who opposed the decision, but none greater than one particularly outspoken former coach:

And then, there were the people that many have mentioned as possible replacements. It sounds like very few of them are eager to jump into the fray right now:

Here are some more of our favorite reactions:

But no reaction was better than this one by a former NBA coach who became famous for something else: