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LeBron James slightly ahead of Kobe Bryant in first NBA All-Star ballot results

LeBron James is the leading vote-getter in the first round of NBA All-Star balloting, just slightly ahead of Kobe Bryant. Here's what the starting lineups currently look like for the Eastern and Western Conferences.

Mike Ehrmann

The first set of results from the NBA All-Star ballot have been released, and Heat forward LeBron James has a slim lead over Lakers guard Kobe Bryant as the leading vote-getter. James has received 641,348 votes, and Bryant is right behind him with 639, 419.

The current starters for the Eastern Conference would be James, Carmelo Anthony (573,112 votes), and Kevin Garnett (218,246) in the frontcourt, with Dwyane Wade (430,925) and Rajon Rondo (382,613) in the backcourt.

The starters for the Western Conference right now are Bryant and Chris Paul (353,603) in the backcourt, while Kevin Durant (605,965), Dwight Howard (434,168), and Blake Griffin (307,885) would man the frontcourt.

As of this season, the NBA All-Star ballot no longer includes a specific spot for centers, but only breaks the roster down by frontcourt and backcourt. You can see the full vote totals at the NBA All-Star Game twitter page. Balloting ends on Jan. 14, and the rosters will be announced Jan. 17 on TNT.