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Kings official says Cousins 'isn't untouchable'

The Sacramento Kings rebuilding efforts focus around DeMarcus Cousins being the centerpiece of the team, but the Kings don't view the former Kentucky star as 'untouchable' in potential trade talks.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Following the Sacramento Kings' decision to indefinitely suspend DeMarcus Cousins, the story surrounding the troubled big man continues to develop as Sam Amick of USA Today is reporting the former Kentucky star isn't 'untouchable' in potential trade talks.

While the Kings view Cousins as the future of the team while the franchise continues to rebuild their roster, the team is 8-18 on the season.

Could that mean parting ways with the former No. 5 overall draft pick if the right deal comes along? That remains to be seen, but the Kings do seem to be keeping all their options open, even if that means dealing their talented big man.

But that isn't all, as Amick also reports Cousins has recently parted ways with agent John Greig, which is big news. Greig, as any agent would, supported Cousins and also had a good relationship with Kings head coach Keith Smart, notes Tom Ziller of SB Nation.