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Dwyane Wade kicks Ramon Sessions right in the Sessions

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In the fourth quarter between the Miami Heat and Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night, Miami guard Dwyane Wade delivered a blow to Charlotte guard Ramon Sessions that may earn him a call from the league office. Wade was dribbling the ball up the floor with a little over eight minutes left in the game when Sessions attempted to steal the ball as he crossed half court. Sessions was called for a foul as he engaged Wade, who then appeared to kick Sessions in the place where people really shouldn't kick each other.

Sessions and Wade then argued as the other players on the floor milled about, gently nudging each other. Wade appeared to be telling Sessions that he didn't intentionally go for a low blow, but Sessions didn't seem to be buying his argument.

The Heat went on to win the game, with Wade putting up 29 points, nine rebounds and five assists, continuing his stellar play over the last month.