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Celtics vs. Clippers results: L.A. finishes off Boston for its 15th straight win

The Los Angeles Clippers continue their torrid streak with an easy win over the Boston Celtics.


The Boston Celtics threw in a late towel and the Los Angeles Clippers cruised to their 15th straight win in blowout fashion, 106-77, in Los Angeles at the Staples Center on Thursday night.

The Clippers dominated in every facet of the game with the score not being indicative of how much the Celtics fought early in the game. But a 13-point halftime lead continued to grow and ended up getting out of hand in the fourth quarter as the Clippers held the Celtics to only 10 points in the fourth.

The Clippers were led by Matt Barnes' 21 points and Jamal Crawford's 17 points, both off the bench. Blake Griffin added 15 points and eight rebounds and Chris Paul finished with nine points and 11 assists in another game where the bench play was the difference for the Clippers.

The Celtics were led by Kevin Garnett's 16 points, but the Clippers were able to hold Paul Pierce to just 12 points and limited Rajon Rondo's effectiveness as well.

The Clippers improved to 23-6 on the season and the Celtics dropped back to .500 at 14-14.