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NBA Scores: Knicks were 1 rebound away from an epic comeback vs. Kings

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The Knicks quite nearly pulled off their biggest comeback since 1991 after trailing 27 to the Kings. Then James Johnson happened.


Kings 106, Knicks 105
Well, this was one heck of a wild game. The Kings opened up a lead as large as 27 points in the first half, and were ahead 71-50 at halftime. The Kings' offense isn't great. For two quarters on Friday, it was incredible. Jimmer Fredette had 15 points, and the Kings had 10 first-half threes. Seventy-one points in the first half and ... 16 in the third quarter. The Knicks' defense ratcheted down, the Kings stopped making shots they probably shouldn't have been making all along and the Knicks took the lead with six minutes left on a Jason Kidd three. It was fate: not content to continue losing games at a rapid rate, the Kings decided to lose one in harrowing fashion. But then something really weird happened. The Kings perked up and stuck within two possessions of New York until the final seconds. The Knicks had the ball up two with 33 seconds left. No one had any timeouts left. And this happened.

That's right: DeMarcus Cousins steal, two badly missed Sacramento shots for the tie, two offensive rebounds for the Kings and James Johnson's first three-pointer of the year on his 12th attempt. Just like you draw it up.

Clippers 116, Jazz 114
Chris Paul led a huge comeback for L.A. to get that magical win streak to 16. Let's let Clips Nation's Steve Perrin tell us about the closing moments:

Al Jefferson scored four straight to put Utah back on top with 1:39 remaining, and then it was time for Chris Paul to take over. Utah decided to defend Paul with length in the final quarter, placing [Gordon] Hayward on him. Unfortunately, Hayward was not really able to stay with Paul without fouling him and he immediately put Paul on the line where he put the Clippers back on top. After a couple of empty trips, Paul then left Hayward backpedaling in the lane as he pulled up for a jumper to give the Clippers a three point lead. And it still wasn't over. With 17 seconds remaining Paul stepped to the line again for two free throws to extend the Clippers lead back to three. Having made his first 11 in the game, he missed the second, and [Blake] Griffin was called for a loose ball foul on the rebound. Jefferson made both of his foul shots to tie the game, but the Clippers had another possession to try to win it. Of course the ball went to Paul, and once again Utah was unable to contain him without fouling, as Jefferson was caught reaching in as he tried to step out and defend the pick and roll. This time Paul made both free throws. With three seconds remaining Utah gave the ball to [Randy] Foye to try to win it with a three pointer, but [Matt] Barnes played solid defense to force a tough shot which came up short. Foye argued to no avail for a foul, but there was no whistle, which seemed like the correct call given that Foye had created the contact by jumping into Barnes.

Chris Paul is not of this world.

Pistons 109, Heat 99
Will Bynum has more double-doubles than Andrew Bynum this season. On Friday, Bynumite went for 20 points and 10 assists. LeBron James and Chris Bosh had big nights in Dwyane Wade's absence, but it wasn't enough as Detroit held court.

Spurs 122, Rockets 116
San Antonio's Big Three combined for 82 points. James Harden had 33, and Jeremy Lin was solid with 21 points and eight assists, but Houston's defense needs serious work.

Warriors 96, Sixers 89
Jrue Holiday is back, but the wins are not. David Lee had 25 and 12 for Golden State.

Lakers 104, Blazers 87
Steve Nash had 10 assists and Dwight Howard looked like he cared, for a change.

Nuggets 106, Mavericks 85
Thirty-nine points for Danilo Gallinari and two straight pummelings for Dallas.

Raptors 104, Hornets 97 (OT)
Kyle Lowry came off the bench to help save the Raps from a terrible night for Jose Calderon. The Spaniard had two points in 30 minutes; Lowry had 17 in 27 on 5-7 shooting.

Hawks 102, Cavaliers 94
Standing Cleveland recap: Kyrie Irving was awesome, the rest of Cleveland was not.

Nets 97, Bobcats 81
P.J. Carlesimo for Coach of the Year!

Pacers 97, Suns 91
When Sebastian Telfair is your leading scorer ...

Wizards 105, Magic 97
Freshly demoted Jordan Crawford had a game-high 27, making one wonder if one can demote Jordan Crawford every game.

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