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Jarrett Jack tosses Dorell Wright's shoe, busts a three

Dorell Wright lost his shoe during a botched fast break. Jarrett Jack helpfully tossed it 10 rows into the crowd.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jarrett Jack is just concerned about safety, y'all.

Dorell Wright (a former Warrior and current Sixer) loses his shoe during this botched fast break. Jarrett Jack, sensing danger from a foreign object in play, tosses the shoe as far as possible into the Oakland crowd. Jack gets scored on by Evan Turner, but nails a triple on the other end.

Even worse for the Sixers, Wright ended up having to come out of the game to fix his shoe situation. He missed three minutes of game time. The Warriors extended their lead by six points in that span.

Needless to say, Wright wasn't pleased. It's quite possible that Jarrett Jack can do absolutely nothing wrong this season. Jack's long been one of the league's more solid back-up point guards, but he's reaching Mike James Crazy Late Career Contract territory with his performance behind Stephen Curry this season.