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Clippers' Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have an in-game dunk-off: who wins?

The Clippers' two big men went wild on the Mavericks on Wednesday night, putting together a nasty highlight reel. But who wore it better?


Blake Griffin is the NBA King of All Dunks, but his partner in crime DeAndre Jordan has a nasty slam streak in him, as well. On Wednesday, both got really loose as the Clippers waltzed past the Mavericks. Lob City, Putback City, Lefty Off The Bounce City -- you name it, they did it.

But which one did it better? Watch the following and vote below.

First up ...


... and ...

Beautiful. One thing I'd note from a stylistic standpoint, however, is that Griffin no longer emits that raw aggression we saw back in his rookie season, where every dunk looks like war coming to the opponent's doorstep. These feel much more "oh hey hello ball dunk you very much" actions. There's no Public Enemy in his current repertoire. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I have gone apart from Blake's cookbook.


... and ...

... and ...

Okay now. Now this? I'm all about this. That play on the last DAJ one is just gorgeous fun, almost like a ballet. Jordan finishes it with the traditional "stare down your own bench because you are quite a man" move. The other DAJ dunks have in-dunk mustard, the first with the look back and the second with the look away. And Ryan Hollins, who is not far behind Robert Sacre as the best mascot in L.A., LOVES THEM ALL. I especially enjoy how he begins his celebration of the breakaway dunk as Jordan rises into the air.

So Jordan's my pick. But Blake Griffin is Blake Griffin, and that lefty dunk is more difficult than anything Jordan threw down. So let's hear it. Blake or DeAndre? Well if you want to get technical about it, the correct answer is...



The Clippers are the best.