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State won't fund Virginia Beach arena this year

Kings fans in Sacramento received some good news on Saturday when Virginia governor's proposed budget failed to include funds for the construction of an arena.

Jed Jacobsohn

Any plans to move the Sacramento Kings to Virginia Beach took a hit with the release of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's proposed budget, which, according to the Virginian-Pilot, does not include the $150 million proposal planners had hoped the state would contribute to the construction of an arena.

Though Kings' owner Joe Maloof has denied plans to move to Virginia Beach, the team was specifically named as the anchor of an official proposal for an arena in the Oceanfront section of the city. That proposal is still being evaluated by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, something cited by the Governor's spokesman in explaining the lack of funds. "Any state involvement in economic development proposals must make clear and sound financial sense for the Commonwealth's taxpayers and be economically justifiable," said the spokesman.

The Kings reportedly began looking outside of Sacramento when a deal for a new arena fell through earlier this year. Virginia Beach emereged as the front-runner for relocation, but they're far from the only city courting the NBA. As another disappointing Kings season begins to unfold, fans will have to continue to watch relocation drama develop.