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ANIMATED: Rick Carlisle Played Kickball

Rick Carlisle was ejected on Wednesday night, and understandably so. Referees don't take kindly to coaches booting basketballs, even if it is quite funny. Though, to be fair, Carlisle showed off quite a bit of foot-eye coordination while executing his kick. The ball was even bouncing!

It was almost like watching the wheels turn inside a youngster's head. The ball comes bouncing towards Carlisle, who was upset at the moment. As it nears him, the bouncing tees the ball up rather perfectly, almost begging to be punted. It just kind of had to happen.

So he did it, then he was sent to the shower. But it was probably totally worth it.



If that ball somehow managed to go in, Carlisle's ejection probably should've been replaced with a 10-point basket. It's hard to kick a ball through a hoop, so it only seems right. It's like playing with Rock 'N Jock rules.