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Jeremy Lin Was Almost Released Before Linsanity Began, According To Report

The Jeremy Lin Experience is less than a week old, but the young Knicks guard has already captivated just about everyone paying attention. On Friday night, he turned in his best game yet, notching 38 points in a 92-85 win over the Lakers at The Garden. It was quite the show in a nationally-televised ESPN matchup.

But how close was all this to not happening at all? Marc Stein reports.

It had to do with contracts, which makes plenty of sense, Stein also reported.

Assuming this will add to the ever-growing list of storylines about Lin and his sudden success. It's impressive how quickly things have turned for both Lin and the Knicks. Before Saturday, the Knicks had lost 11 of 13 and looked to be in deep trouble. Now, they've won four-straight, and Lin Fever has taken off at a breakneck pace.

And it sure doesn't look like Lin is going anywhere, at least in a contract sense, anytime soon.

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