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VIDEO: Jeremy Lin Nails Another Game-Winning Shot

He's done it again. At this point, we probably have to accept that Jeremy Lin is for real and that this is not a fluke. On Tuesday night, the New York Knicks played a close game against the Toronto Raptors, in which Lin brought it all second half and scored the Knicks' final six points en route to a 90-87 win.

With the Knicks down with under 90 seconds to go, Lin went to the rim, got fouled, and converted both the shot and the free throw for a three-point play. On the Knicks' next possession, he nailed the game-winning three. Video is after the jump.

Hat-tip to @pbump

As if this shot wasn't cool enough, it was the perfect ending to a hilariously bad fourth quarter for the Raptors. This shot gave Lin 12 points for the quarter, which was the same number of points that the entire Raptors team scored in the fourth.

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