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VIDEO: Jeremy Lin Talks About Knicks' Sixth Straight Win

The Jeremy Lin show has now officially gone international. Linsanity rolled into Canada on Tuesday night as the newly-minted superstar helped stage a dramatic fourth-quarter comeback for the New York Knicks against the Toronto Raptors. It even included dropping the game-winning three-pointer with less than a second left on the clock.

Lin was interviewed at courtside immediately following the victory, where he was able to give his thoughts on the game as well as heap plenty of praise on his teammates. Check out the video below to see more of the unadorned, self-effacing charm that makes Lin so likable beyond his immense skills on the basketball court. The video features a fun cameo as well. Take a look:

The Knicks are still undefeated in the Lin era. One wonders how much longer this level of ridiculousness can continue.

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