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Jeremy Lin Betting Odds: The Knicks Star Has Vegas Excited

Jeremy Lin is undefeated as a Knicks starter and at the center of the NBA, and that's put him at the center of Las Vegas, too. Catch up on the latest betting odds surrounding Linsanity. All content is produced by SB Nation's odds partners at

What has happened to the New York Knicks to make their NBA championship odds drop from 40/1 to 18/1 in the matter of two weeks? Jeremy Lin happened and sportsbooks have been forced to take serious notice, just like the rest of the sporting world.

There has never been anything quite like the Knick guard’s meteoric rise. Tim Tebow had a long and award-filled college career. Cut by the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets and only playing because of Carmelo Anthony’s injury, the Harvard grad has led New York to nine straight wins. And bettors love him too – the Knicks are 8-1 ATS in those games.

Bovada Sportsbook’s lines manager says money has flooded in on the New York Knicks and forced them to create a handul of Jeremy Lin odds just to keep up with the demand. "The action has really picked up on NBA futures with Jeremy Lin making the Knicks the hottest team on the NBA and keep we keep taking money," explains Kevin Bradley.

"A guy like this is great for the game and has drawn a lot of interest from bettors on the Knicks games also. I am having visions of how they public was treating the Giants going into the Super Bowl being the hottest team in the NFL and costing us a mint and right now the Knicks are by far the biggest loser for the book."

He hit a trey to beat Toronto at the buzzer Tuesday and Bovada makes him 3/1 odds to do that again – beat a team on the final shot – this season. You can even bet on Lin to win the NBA MVP, although that is a longshot, fairy-tale scenario with a 40/1 line.

Of course, it’s a longshot that he’s even playing the in NBA this season. Check out the recently posted Lin odds and live NBA odds on every game, every day at