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VIDEO: Mike Tyson's Halftime Interview Was A Mess

Interviewing Mike Tyson at halftime of Wednesday night's Knicks-Kings game was probably a bad idea. MSG decided to go ahead with it anyway, and the results were about as predictable as can be. The interview featured Tyson mumbling, bumbling and stumbling, with the added bonus of a stray curse word thrown in.

It started off well enough, with Tyson saying he could sing, then sidestepping a question about whether he'd be willing to belt out a tune on the spot. Then he took a question about the dumbest money he ever spent and dropped an s-bomb on air. The curse word came after he rambled about, saying anything on which he had ever spent money was dumb.

Video after the jump.

Via @ptrizzuto

You can't even be mad at Mike Tyson. He knew he messed up right away and seemed to grab his head quickly after uttering the word. It was all in good fun anyway.

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