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Delonte West Injury: Dallas Mavericks Guard Compound Fractures Finger

Delonte West will be "out for a while" after compound fracturing his finger Wednesday night.

Delonte West left Wednesday night's matchup between the Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets with a finger injury that may keep him out of action for quite some time. West took a swipe at the ball as a Denver player drove past him, compound fracturing his finger in the process. Blood was clearly visible and West's exposed bone could be seen protruding from the injured finger -- one of the more gruesome sights.

After the game, head coach Rick Carlisle only said "He's going to be out for a while" without elaborating further. The loss of West, presumably for a significant amount of time, further depletes a Dallas backcourt already short-handed thanks to the absence of Jason Terry and Rodrigue Beaubois.

Video of the injury is below. It is graphic, but also kind of subtle. Vince Carter's reaction to seeing West's finger kind of says it all.

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