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VIDEO: The Daily Show Talks Jeremy Lin During Black History Month

Jeremy Lin didn't play Thursday night, but that doesn't mean he was out of the news. And really, it was inevitable. Everyone in the entire world has given their opinion on Linsanity so it was only a matter of time before Jon Stewart and The Daily Show weighed in.

Especially, since Stephen Colbert's show temporarily halted production this week, someone had to sarcastically lecture us about Asians taking over pro basketball in America. And that someone was Daily Show correspondent Larry Wilmore and his "Lingrown Toenail."

They provide some good historical context, too: "Jewish basketball players were replaced by gentiles, then it was us, now it's Asians." The tags on the video actually do a nice job telling the story: Larry Wilmore, Jeremy Lin, basketball, sports, NBA, ethnic, Asian, African-American, Neil deGrasse Tyson, stereotypes, Black History Month, outsourcing, education, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, Jewish, photos, music, science. ... LINSANITY!