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VIDEO: Avery Bradley Dunks On Kevin Durant

The Boston Celtics gave up 72 points to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first half of their Wednesday night contest, but at least Avery Bradley dunked on Kevin Durant. This is probably the only highlight from the Celtics' half, so we're going to have to make it count. It's nothing more than a moral victory, but it's a pretty neat dunk.

Bradley found himself alone on the break after crossing up James Harden. On the other side of the floor, Durant had fanned out to cover the wing, but found himself a bit out of position to defend the lane. He tried to recover, even going up to contest the dunk, but it just didn't work.

Instead, he got dunked on. It was quite the vicious dunk, too.

Via Jose3030

It's cool. Durant may have lost the battle, perhaps losing an arm in the process, but he's still winning the war.