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Sacramento Vote On Kings' Arena Funding Moved To March 6 As Negotiations Continue

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson announced on Wednesday that a critical City Council vote on a funding plan to build a new arena downtown partially using revenue gained by leasing out the operation of Sacramento's parking structures would be delayed until March 6. The city continues to negotiate the terms of an arena deal with the NBA, the Kings and operator AEG. The nine-member City Council would then vote on whether to accept those terms.

No public vote is expected to be necessary.

Johnson said Wednesday that he aims to have a deal with the league in place by March 1 so that the city can give the public and the Council ample time to review the details. Johnson will be in Orlando for All-Star Weekend to negotiate directly with NBA commissioner David Stern and the Maloofs, who own the Kings and last year attempted to move the club to Anaheim. Stern blocked that attempt, more or less.

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