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Jeremy Lin Has His Own Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

It was only a matter of time before Linsanity took over the world of ice cream. Now you, too, can enjoy a pint of Linsanity, thanks to Ben & Jerry's.

In recognition of the 23-year-old's overnight fame, the new ice cream pints are made at the Harvard Square shop with vanilla frozen yogurt, lychee honey swirls and come with a fresh waffle cookie on the side, which can be dipped into the ice cream or crushed on top, company officials said.


The ice cream originally came with fortune cookie pieces, but Ben & Jerry's changed course after it received some initial backlash. The change was not made because of the connotation, the company said, but instead was because the fortune cookies quickly became soggy in the ice cream.

Whatever the case, Jeremy Lin has already been immortalized in the world of ice cream and it sounds quite delicious. No idea if the ice cream will be available in more than a limited run or if it will expand beyond the Harvard Square location, so get it while you can!