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Ricky Rubio Schools DeMarcus Cousins, Blake Griffin Does His Thing

Ricky Rubio is having a bit of fun in the Rising Stars Challenge and we're all winners as a result. Well, all of us except DeMarcus Cousins, who was the victim of a Rubio nutmeg. Cousins tried to stop the ball on a break at midcourt, but Rubio wasn't having any of it, and the result was a highlight reel play.

Here's Rubio going through Cousins' legs before lobbing to Blake Griffin.

I mean, it was a good try. He almost stopped Rubio. Also look at Rubio's face as he does it. I swear he's yelling "GOTCHA" as he runs on buy.

And here's your reminder that Blake Griffin is good at basketball, dunking and pretty much everything in between.

To recap: Ricky Rubio remains adorable and Blake Griffin remains beastly. Just another day in the NBA.

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