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MarShon Brooks With The Best Airball Setup Ever

When we last saw MarShon Brooks, he was struggling to get up for a dunk on a 2-on-0 break. That time, Brooks' error led to a hilarious gif, but he wasn't done just yet. No, he managed to nearly top himself in the second half.

You can pretty much see Brooks' thought process here. He has a clean mid-range jumper, but thinks "nah, too easy." Instead, he backpedals all the way out to the three-point line, adding a bit of drama to the sequence. And then this happens.


Yep, he airballed it. All that setup for an airball. At this point, Brooks has his own little blooper reel from the Rising Stars Challenge. But we're thankful for him, because he's adding his own bit of flair to a game filled with dunks, ridiculous dribble moves and lobs.

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