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Greg Monroe Is Tired Of John Wall's Shenanigans

The end of the Rising Stars Challenge was basically a dunk contest with the game still actually going on. This is what we get during an All-Star Weekend exhibition, and it was pretty fun for a while. Both teams were going back and forth, clearing out as players took turns throwing down dunks on each of the floor.

But at some point, the in-game dunk show was going to go too far. That moment came when John Wall tried to lob the ball to himself. Greg Monroe had enough, and decided to do something about it, leading to a hilarious moment.

Look at him bait Wall. "Go ahead, you're clear. I'm not gonna do anything ... psych, gotcha!" To be fair, Wall was kind of hogging the ball and the lob to himself was just begging to be stolen.

And a gif, just in case you need it.


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