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2012 NBA Dunk Contest: Jeremy Evans Could Surprise People

Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans will compete in the 2012 NBA dunk contest, leaving just one question: What's a Jeremy Evans?

Jeremy Evans probably isn't even a household name in Utah, but the athletic power forward out of Western Kentucky is looking to change that now that he's been selected as Iman Shumpert's injury replacement in this weekend's Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. It just might work, too, if his in-game dunks are any indication.

The second-year pro is averaging less than six minutes per game this season, but he has become a fan favorite in his limited playing time primarily because he isn't afraid of absolutely yamming on any defender the opposing team puts in front of him.

As Gerald Wallace of the Portland Trail Blazers found out earlier this year, that can be a pretty scary experience (though Wallace was able to save some dignity by getting Evans called for a charge on the below play).

The 6'9 forward is also rather adept at finishing on alley-oops, a skill he showed as a rookie while deciding to ignore the feelings of San Antonio Spurs veteran Richard Jefferson. It isn't the most exciting play ever, but it takes some skill to do what he does in the video below.

It probably makes sense to just get out of the way when Evans is in the game -- or at least the painted area surrounding the basket. If those couple of dunks aren't enough to make one think that's a wise choice, consider the following mix.

Yeah, people might not be all that excited about Evans' entry into the contest ... but he just might be the best in-game dunker in the contest. If he's able to make that translate on Saturday night, I doubt there will be a lack of excitement in Orlando.

The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest will be the final event held during All-Star Saturday Night festivities, which begin 8 p.m. ET on TNT.