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2012 NBA Shooting Stars: This Is Still A Thing

The NBA Shooting Stars is an All-Star Saturday event that still takes place, or something.

There are a few things that are okay about the Haier Shooting Stars event at the NBA All-Star Saturday proceedings. It's good that WNBA players get a chance to go on national television alongside NBA players. It's always fun to watch anyone chuck up halfcourt shots. And ... that is the list of the things that are good about Shooting Stars.

Until everyone starts heaving up halfcourt shots, it's a pretty dumb event. Even then, it's only fun if someone nails it on the first try or if we get to watch professional athletes struggle valiantly against the forces of nature, failing to get the ball into the hoop for three minutes.

You can find the entire field right here. The defending champions are Team Atlanta, but they haven't been left intact. Jerry Stackhouse replaces Al Horford, while Lindsey Harding replaces Coco Miller. The hometown Team Orlando features Jameer Nelson, Marie Ferdinand-Harris and Dennis Scott. No disrespect to Scott, but can't someone holler at Penny? I think that 10-year-old me would watch this for Penny.

How about Lil Penny? Is he available?

Haier Shooting Stars will be the first event held during All-Star Saturday Night festivities, which begin 8 p.m. ET on TNT.