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John Wall Pays Tribute To JaVale McGee In Skills Competition

The Skills Competition is more of a half-speed dribbling and passing competition for the NBA's finest point guards, leading the SB Nation newsroom to pine for JaVale McGee's inclusion. Wouldn't the Skills Competition be about 100 times better than the current setup with big men running the floor and McGee just being McGee? Of course it would.

Apparently John Wall thinks so, too. Perhaps he was upset McGee wasn't asked to be included in the dunk contest. Perhaps he's on board with McGee as a Skills Competition participant. Or maybe this competition doesn't mean much at all! Whatever the case, he paid tribute to the Wizards' dunker who has a propensity to toss the ball off the backboard with this gem:


It's been a fun weekend for Wall already. At least Greg Monroe didn't come out of nowhere to interrupt Wall this time.