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POLL: What Was The Worst Effort Of NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

That this category will be much more hotly contested than the 'best jam' of the 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Contest poll tells you all you need to know about Saturday's mess of an event. In contention for the worst dunk of Saturday night, we've got Derrick Williams' 1-8 performance in the final round, Derrick Williams jumping over a motorcycle (?!) and Chase Budinger doing the motorcycle dunk without the motorcycle. Eventual champion Jeremy Evans had some duds, too: his "camera" dunk fizzled and jumping over a 4'3 Kevin Hart is pretty shrug-worthy; at least he didn't have product placement and a forced, uncomfortable script like Budinger's P. Diddy dunk.

The competition is heated! Vote after the jump.

All demerits apply -- there's enough hate to go around. What's worse: a boring dunk with a neat, original idea behind it (Evan's Camera dunk)? A forced, poorly acted bit that ends up with an underwhelming dunk from a technical standpoint? A technically sound dunk that you just can't finish? This is a really subjective call.