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Chris Paul And Others Teach You How To 'Fly Around' In The NBA

Learn how to "fly around" the likes of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, with Jordan Brand athletes like Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and even MJ, himself, providing some examples.

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In the past week we've shown you "Fly Through" and "Fly Over", two important components of any compendium of ridiculous superstar highlights. Now it's time for "Fly Around", the third component to our series sponsored and inspired by Jordan Brand.

Tthere's no such thing as a bad excuse to watch NBA superstars doing superstar-ish things at someone else's expense. With that in mind, here are five cases of Jordan Brand athletes making some of the best athletes in the world look like complete and utter fools.

Let's do this!

5. Chris Paul Turns Andrew Bynum 180 Degrees, Then Nails A Jumpshot In His Face

It's always fun when a big man gets stuck guarding someone a foot shorter in an iso situation. The crowd gets excited, everyone else on the court stands around and lets the little guy work, and...truth be told, it's usually a little anti-climatic. Most of the time, the guard makes a few moves to create a little bit of space, and then takes a bad jumper falling away. That's not what happened with Chris Paul and Andrew Bynum here; what happened here is cruel and unusual and not safe for work.

4. Carmelo Spins His Way To The Rim

When people complain that 'Melo settles for too many jumpshots, it's partly because of plays like this. When he does go to the rim, there's no superstar in the NBA who's more creative about getting himself free in the lane and finishing in traffic. And when getting there means embarrassing even the likes of LeBron James, well, then that's just a nice little bonus.

3. Dwyane Wade Puts Evan Turner On Skates

This isn't technically "flying around" someone, but he could have flown around Evan Turner here. It's just that nailed a wide open jumper seemed so much easier. But yeah, on this possession, I'm pretty sure Dwyane Wade could have done pretty much whatever he wanted. The announcers tell it best.

Kevin Harlan: "Kick up your heels and go to the dance floor!"

And Reggie Miller watching the replay: "This is not right."

2. Michael Jordan Literally Flies Around Drazen Petrovic

Michael Jordan with the most literal representation of "flying around" someone in NBA History. Other important notes: #RIPDrazenPetrovic, #RIPBabyBlueNets, and damnit, I wish I'd been old enough to enjoy local Chicago announcers freaking out watching young MJ every night.


"Ohhhh no. Ohhhh NO."

"Ha HA!"

The perfect reaction to almost every highlight of Michael Jordan's first decade in the NBA.

1. Chris Paul's Crossover Is So Vicious He Gets A Technical

He didn't get really get T'd up for the crossover--actually it was the trash talk that followed the crossover--but the whole sequence was so badass that the particulars don't even matter. CP lulls him to sleep with a slow crossover, and then a split-second later he's exploded past Kobe and is hurdling himself at the rim. And THAT, my friends, is how you "fly around."