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VIDEO: Kevin Love Stomps On Luis Scola's Head

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Saturday night's matchup between the Houston Rockets and Minnesota Timberwolves was already heated, but Kevin Love took it to another level. Love stripped the ball from Luis Scola under the basket midway through the first quarter, and Scola seemed to flop in an effort to sell the foul. As Scola was on the ground and the action was headed the other way, Love stomped on Scola's face.

There's no way to know what was going through Love's head and whether or not it was intentional, but it looks bad. In fact, it looks real bad. Scola may have been in Love's way, but it sure looked like the Timberwolves' big man knew exactly what was going on.

Hit the jump and judge for yourself.

It's also worth noting, as the announcers did, that Love and Scola had been battling all night. It all seemed to come to a head when Scola went down, leading to the stomp. Just guessing, but the league will probably be taking a look at this closely.

Edit: Oh, right, forgot about Scola's perfectly placed nut shot a few days earlier.