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Chris Paul Reacts To Chauncey Billups Injury News

Chauncey Billups' season-ending injury could change the entire dynamic of the Los Angeles Clippers offense considering his big game experience and veteran presence on the floor. It probably isn't impossible to replace his production, but backcourt mate Chris Paul reacted as expected once the news was officially announced.

Paul took to social media to express his sadness for losing Billups for the season, posting the following message on Twitter:

Toughest day to date for me as an NBA player losing the best backcourt mate I've ever played with, my big bro, and gr8 teammate C. Billups...I know they say everything happens for a reason but I'm having a hard time understanding this one...what he did for our team is immeasurable...Its not ideal but for the time being I'll have to settle for my son running around the house yelling "CHAUNCEY B-B-BILLUPS for 3!!!" Plz keep him and his family in your prayers, LOVE that guy!

It sounds as though Paul is having a rough time getting over the loss of Billups, but that's the type of camaraderie good teams need to have -- and good teammates show.

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