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VIDEO: Jeremy Lin Crosses Up John Wall, Dunks, Loses Bandage

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Might as well just go all Jeremy Lin all the time at this point. Lin had another excellent game for the New York Knicks, scoring 23 points and dishing out 10 assists in a win over the Washington Wizards. The Lin hype will reach insane levels, if it hasn't already, but he does make for a nice little story.

Oh, and he can, in fact, play a bit of ball. It's an incredibly small sample size, but Lin has been excellent for the Knicks, and he's provided some highlight-reel plays along the way.

Like on Wednesday night, when he crossed up John Wall, found a huge opening and threw down a big dunk in the lane.

Two questions here. First, did he really shake so hard he lost the bandage on his chin? Second, why in the world was Lin not challenged? Look at the help defense, watch the help defense back away. Look at the defender on the right: He almost falls over trying to get out of the way.

(I know, they probably expected him to dish. But don't let a man get an uncontested dunk.)

Edit: Oh hey, remember this?