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Tyson Chandler Didn't Know Jeremy Lin Could Dunk

#Linsanity only dates back to Feb. 4, but it's still hard to believe there is anything left to find out about New York's newest sports hero and the NBA's new whatever-he-is to the league. The Internet hype machine has been that #Linsane.

But here's one thing: Tyson Chandler didn't know Jeremy Lin could dunk.

"I didn't know he could dunk," Chandler said. "When he was going in for a dunk I was like 'No Jeremy, just lay the ball up' and all of sudden he dunks it. I probably was just as excited as the crowd was."

"I was thinking after he dunked," he added, "for at least 20 seconds I was thinking, 'Did I know he could dunk?' I don't remember him dunking."

Reader, Jeremy Lin can dunk.

Believe it or not, this was not the first time Jeremy Lin has dunked in his life.

Lin dunked in college at least one time that was caught on video. Jared Jeffries even said he's seen Lin dunk in practice.

To pull off the in-game dunk against the Wizards, Lin had the benefit of a 30-foot running start and zero help defense. Watch it again. First, he catches John Wall peaking over his head anticipating a screen from Chandler. Then he receives a formal invitation to the rim from Mo Evans and Jordan Crawford.

Kendrick Perkins did not approve this defense.

@YourManDevine Everyone excited right now just wants to be liked.

- Eric Freeman (@freemaneric) February 9, 2012

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