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J.R. Smith Fined $25K For Tweeting Photo Of Woman In Thong

Today in J.R. Smith's Twitter Adventures, the New York Knicks guard received a fine for tweeting a lewd photo of a woman on his bed. On Friday, Smith tweeted "I can't watch the game like this! Damn you @TheRealTahiry" with an attached photo. The picture was the woman in question wearing a thong in his bed.

You can view the offending tweet and photo over at UProxx. This probably wasn't such a terrible thing in the scheme of it all, but the NBA wasn't happy. On Saturday, the league announced a $25,000 fine, which seems like a hefty price for tweeting a butt. Then again, a week earlier, he tweeted this.

Starting to wonder if there's a sliding scale for lewd Twitpics. Or if Smith could've used the old "I've been hacked" excuse to get out of trouble. Or why Smith is watching the game on such a small TV in a hotel room.

So many questions!