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Chris Paul Just Made The Whole Internet Say 'Awwww' At Once

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Ordinarily, when Chris Paul makes the Internet say, "Aww," it's more like an And1 announcer screaming courtside, "Awwwwww, snap!" after a ridiculous crossover on Kobe or something. Today's more like the "awwwwwwww" that could lead to buying a puppy and/or kidnapping someone else's child. You've been warned.

This weekend, Chris Paul hurt his nose, and had to start wearing this mask.


And then... Chris Paul's son wanted one, too. As CP tweeted today, "Sittin at home trying to make my son a MASK...he said 'Daddy I need my mask for the game 2nite bc I fell and hurt my face.'"

Then a little while later.


It sorta makes me want to adopt a child, break my nose, and then make ourselves matching masks. Even the And1 announcer is like, "AYO GAME OVER SON. THAT SHIT IS JUST TOO ADORABLE."

[/Funkmaster Flex sirens]

[/Everyone rushes the court and bearhugs Chris Paul]