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VIDEO: Kenny Smith Joins Amy K. Nelson To Talk Hoops

When Kenny Smith came into our studio the other day, I knew the bulk of our conversation would be spent on NCAA hoops. Smith, a Tar Heel, two-time NBA champion and NBA analyst for TNT, is moonlighting as a college hoops analyst for the month of March. So he was on a promotional tour for Coke Zero while plugging his work on CBS and its family of networks.

But I still wanted to get in a little NBA talk, so I asked Smith about his NBA Finals picks (Miami, Oklahoma City) and also what was up with the Kobe Bryant/Smush Parker beef after Bryant yet again took a shot at Parker the other night after a game. But perhaps the coolest part of the interview (in my humble opinion) is when I ask about Smith's jump-roping legacy at Archbishop Molloy high school in Queens, NY. It is a story that hasn't been told, and part of it Smith was even unaware.

Take a look at Part 2 of my interview with the Jet. And check out Part 1, if you haven't.

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