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New Jersey Nets Sign D-League Call-Up Gerald Green For Rest Of Season

There haven't been a lot of bright spots for the New Jersey Nets this season, but as of late, NBA Development League call-up Gerald Green has at least been able to make things entertaining. Green spent 22 games in the D-League hoping to get back to the NBA and, after a pair of 10-day contracts, he'll be there for the rest of the season.

The 26-year-old Green played in 11 games with the Nets through his pair of temporary contracts. After averaging 18.6 points in about 26 minutes per game in the Nets' last five outings, however, they've decided to sign him for the rest of the season.

There was talk of a deal to include next season as well, according to the New York Post's Fred Kerber, but both sides want to keep their options open. Green is probably wise in making that decision, too, because he'll likely generate some interest on the open market if he's able to keep doing things like this.

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